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Give A Helping Hand To A Child In Need With Top Christmas Charities (2021)

Christmas is a season that many look for unique ways to touch the life of a struggling or suffering child and give them a chance to make their Christmas time a bit brighter. However, picking a reliable and trustworthy charity for your Christmas-related project can be overwhelming, with so many charities to choose from them. So Father George Rutler has compiled a list of five top Christmas charities to consider. Each of these charities is unique in its way, and so you should take a closer look at them and select the one that appeals to your motivation to give. Angel Tree Angel Tree is a ministry of Prison Fellowship, delivering love through Christmas presents and an encouraging message to the children of prisoners. Angel Tree Christmas program connects parents in prison with their children via the gift of specially selected Christmas presents by church members who buy and distribute the presents. Alongside offerings, volunteers spread God's love and the gospel message to children. T

My Only Shepherd Is The Lord- Father George Rutler Updated Content 2021

Father George Rutler had mentioned that he was a young boy in a church when the Sunday morning service seemed dull. Let's look at this from a different perspective. As a child, Father George Rutler thought school was boring. But, it was the boring things that made you grow up and shape you into who you are today. Looking back, you can see their immense value. The Psalm reading was something I loved about Indian Church. Every Sunday morning after the song worship, a deacon/elder would lead the Psalm Reading. We would then respond to the leader by reading a verse, with the congregation responding with the next verse. Father George Rutler found it enjoyable that the entire church sang along with the reading, which helped me connect with the psalm's language and poetry. These verses were more accessible to remember than other Bible verses. For example, I was able to memorize Psalm 23 by using responsive reading. Today, however, such worship forms are losing popularity. Perhaps t