Give A Helping Hand To A Child In Need With Top Christmas Charities (2021)

Christmas is a season that many look for unique ways to touch the life of a struggling or suffering child and give them a chance to make their Christmas time a bit brighter. However, picking a reliable and trustworthy charity for your Christmas-related project can be overwhelming, with so many charities to choose from them. So Father George Rutler has compiled a list of five top Christmas charities to consider.

Each of these charities is unique in its way, and so you should take a closer look at them and select the one that appeals to your motivation to give.

Angel Tree

Angel Tree is a ministry of Prison Fellowship, delivering love through Christmas presents and an encouraging message to the children of prisoners.

Angel Tree Christmas program connects parents in prison with their children via the gift of specially selected Christmas presents by church members who buy and distribute the presents. Alongside offerings, volunteers spread God's love and the gospel message to children.

There are many opportunities for your entire congregation to be involved in this Angel Tree program. Prison Fellowship offers online training to the coordinators for the Angel Tree program. In addition, a lot of local churches contribute annually to the program. It's a highly satisfying way to get all congregation members involved in helping people who are often the least noticed people in the community. Sometimes, the church in your area will organize a Christmas celebration for the children and their caregivers and the family.

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is a program of Samaritan's Purse. The program invites you to fill a shoebox that contains small toys and school supplies, as well as other gifts along with a personal message to show a grieving child to the love of God. In addition, small items of love and messages of hope and faith through Jesus Christ are delivered to those in need overseas.

Volunteers are also urged to offer prayers for children who be receiving shoes in the boxes. When the gifts from the shoeboxes are handed out, the children receive the Gospel and are presented with an illustrated storybook that explains the gospel message of salvation. Churches and families can take part in more ways by organizing shoebox packing events. If you don't have the time to purchase and put together a shoebox present, you can make an online shoebox with a suggested donation of $25.

Parents can also use Operation Christmas child as a unique method to teach their children to give during the Christmas season.

Make a Wish America

Hundreds of thousands of kids across the United States have been blessed with strength, hope, and happiness through the work of Make Wish America.

This festive season is extra special by helping children realize their dreams. Make Wish's unique donation options can give wishes to children who suffer from life-threatening medical issues.

Families could be interested in attending or volunteering for an event held by the nearby Make a Wish foundation event in the months leading up to Christmas or all year.

CURE International

CURE International is a worldwide non-profit corporation that provides charitable hospitals and programs that help children who suffer from ailments like Bowed legs, clubfoot and burns, cleft lip and hydrocephalus. Families and patients receive the transformative message of God's unconditional compassion and love, as well as surgical treatment regardless of religion, gender or race. The underlying principle of CURE International is a desire to bring hope through providing the best quality of treatment for the physical and spiritual healing of children suffering from impairments and their parents.

You can contribute to becoming CURE Hero by giving the monthly donation of at least $39 to aid in support of a CURE employee, make one-time financial donations and donate any balances left for gift cards or give non-cash property gifts. The donations towards CURE International change the lives of disabled children across the globe.

Toys for Tots

Father George Rutler pointed that toys for tots is a U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Program that collects new unwrapped toys during November, October and December of each year and then distributes the toys as Christmas presents to children within the community where the campaign takes place.

Toys for Tots is a highly rated charity that provides books, toys, and other gifts to fortunate children. Over 500 million toys were given away in the past, and Toys have helped over 250 million kids for Tots. 


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